ModelObjectEnumeratorEnumeratorTypeEnum Enumeration

The types of enumerator available.

Namespace:  Tekla.Structures.Model
Assembly:  Tekla.Structures.Model (in Tekla.Structures.Model.dll) Version: 2024.0.0+a110b435391768740483e3032720a566518c9a63
public enum EnumeratorTypeEnum
  Member nameValueDescription
ALL_SELECTED1 Selects all user selected objects from the model.
ALL_OBJECTS2 Selects all objects from the model.
MODELOBJECT_CHILDREN3 Selects children of specified type of given ModelObject
BY_FILTER_NAME4 Selects all the ModelObjects for a given filter name
CONNECTED_COMPONENTS5 Selects all connected components of given ModelObject
BY_BOUNDING_BOX6 Selects all objects intersecting with given bounding box
ALL_OBJECTS_WITH_TYPE7 All Objects with type given in type in the "subtype".
REFERENCE_MODEL_OBJECTS8 Selects sub objects of given ReferenceModel.
MODELOBJECT_FATHERS9 Selects fathers of specified type of given ModelObject (Tasks mainly)
CONNECTED_DEPENDENCIES10 Selects all connected dependencies of given ModelObject (Tasks mainly)
TASKS_OF_SELECTED_OBJECTS11 Selects all tasks of selected objects
MODIFIED_OBJECTS_AFTER_STAMP12 Selects all modified and created objects
FILTERED_OBJECTS_WITH_TYPE13 Filtered objects with type given in type in the "subtype".
DELETED_OBJECTS_AFTER_STAMP14 Selects all modified objects
ALL_PRESELECTED15 Selects all preselected objects.
BY_BOUNDING_BOX_AND_VIEW16 Selects all objects that intersect with the given bounding box and that are visible in the given view.
CONVERTED_FROM_REFERENCE_MODEL17 Selects objects that were converted from a given reference model (if they weren't unlinked)
ATTRIBUTE_MODIFIED_OBJECTS_AFTER_STAMP18 Selects all objects of which attributes (UDA) have been modified after the stamp.
NUMBERING_MODIFIED_OBJECTS_AFTER_STAMP19 Selects all objects of which numbering has been modified after the stamp.
CREATED_OBJECTS_AFTER_STAMP20 Selects all created objects
MODIFIED_OBJECTS_BY_FILTER_NAME21 Selects all objects which are new, modified, numbered or which phase has changed after the stamp and pass the filter of given name.
PHASE_MODIFIED_OBJECTS_AFTER_STAMP22 Selects all objects of which phase has been modified after the stamp.
OBJECTS_WITH_ANY_MODIFICATION_AFTER_STAMP23 Selects all objects with any type of modification or are created after the stamp.
BY_MODEL_OBJECT_TYPE25 Selects all model objects with the specified type.
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