Grid Properties

The Grid type exposes the following members.

Public propertyColor
Gets or sets the color of the grid.
Public propertyCoordinateX
The coordinates for the X-axis.
Public propertyCoordinateY
The coordinates for the Y-axis.
Public propertyCoordinateZ
The coordinates for the Z-axis.
Public propertyExtensionForMagneticArea Obsolete.
The extension for the magnetic area.
Public propertyExtensionLeftX
The extension to the left X-axis.
Public propertyExtensionLeftY
The extension to the left Y-axis.
Public propertyExtensionLeftZ
The extension to the left Z-axis.
Public propertyExtensionRightX
The extension to the right X-axis.
Public propertyExtensionRightY
The extension to the right Y-axis.
Public propertyExtensionRightZ
The extension to the right Z-axis.
Public propertyFontColor
Gets or sets font color for the grid labels
(Inherited from GridBase.)
Public propertyFontSize
Gets or sets font size for the grid labels
(Inherited from GridBase.)
Public propertyIdentifier
The identifier of the object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public propertyIsMagnetic
Gets or sets whether the grid is magnetic or not.
(Inherited from GridBase.)
Public propertyIsUpToDate
Gets if the object does not have a modification which is not shared.
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyLabelX
The labels for the X-axis.
Public propertyLabelY
The labels for the Y-axis.
Public propertyLabelZ
The labels for the Z-axis.
Public propertyModificationTime
Gets latest time of the object was modified or created.
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the name of the grid.
(Inherited from GridBase.)
Public propertyOrigin
Gets or sets the origin of the grid
(Inherited from GridBase.)
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