Drawing Properties

The Drawing type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCommitMessage
Gets the commit message
Public propertyCreationDate
The drawing creation date.
Public propertyDrawingTypeStr
The type of the drawing
Public propertyIsFrozen
Describes whether the drawing is frozen.
Public propertyIsIssued
Describes whether the drawing is issued.
Public propertyIsIssuedButModified
Describes whether the drawing is issued but modified since it was issued.
Public propertyIsLocked
Describes whether the drawing is locked.
Public propertyIsLockedBy
Gets the logged in username that set the drawing to locked
Public propertyIsMasterDrawing
Describes whether the drawing is a master drawing (shown with a special symbol on the drawing list).
Public propertyIsReadyForIssue
Describes whether the drawing is ready for issue.
Public propertyIsReadyForIssueBy
Gets the logged in username that set the drawing Ready for issue
Public propertyIssuingDate
The drawing issuing date.
Public propertyLayout
Gets the drawing layout attributes.
Public propertyMark
The drawing mark.
Public propertyModificationDate
The drawing modification date.
Public propertyName
The name of the drawing.
Public propertyOutputDate
The drawing output date. XS_DISABLE_DRAWING_PLOT_DATE controls whether this date is set.
Public propertyQueryReturnValue
Status information about the latest database operation (select, insert, modify, delete).
(Inherited from DatabaseObject.)
Public propertySectionViewStartLabel
Gets the drawing attribute for start label of section view
Public propertyTitle1
The first drawing title.
Public propertyTitle2
The second drawing title.
Public propertyTitle3
The third drawing title.
Public propertyUpToDateStatus
Gets the drawing up to date status.
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