DPMPrinterAttributes Properties

The DPMPrinterAttributes type exposes the following members.

Public propertyColorMode
Output color mode.
Public propertyNumberOfCopies
The number of copies of each drawing to print. Only applicable for printing to a printer.
Public propertyOpenFileWhenFinished
Whether to open file when finished.
Public propertyOrientation
The print orientation type.
Public propertyOutputFileName
Output file name and path. Applicable in PDF printing.
Public propertyOutputType
The printing output type.
Public propertyPaperSize
The paper size name.
Public propertyPrinterName
The printer name.
Public propertyPrintToMultipleSheet
Whether to print to multiple sheets.
Public propertyScaleFactor
The print scale factor.
Public propertyScalingMethod
The print scaling method.
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