View Properties

The View type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCurrentRepresentation
Gets or sets the current representation.
Public propertyDisplayCoordinateSystem
The local coordinate system for the display.
Public propertyDisplayType
The display plane type.
Public propertyIdentifier
The view identifier.
Public propertyName
The name of the view. 84 characters at most.
Public propertySharedView
The property which tells if the view is shared. The value is meaningful only when the model is shared.
Public propertyViewCoordinateSystem
The local coordinate system for the view. Can be set when creating a view. The origin is always set to zero.
Public propertyViewDepthDown
The view depth down.
Public propertyViewDepthUp
The view depth up.
Public propertyViewFilter
The name of the view filter. 256 characters at most.
Public propertyViewProjection
The view projection type.
Public propertyViewRendering
The view rendering type.
Public propertyVisibilitySettings
The property which tells the view visibility settings for objects.
Public propertyWorkArea
The view working area.
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