Tekla.Structures.Solid Namespace

The Tekla.Structures.Solid namespace contains basic common solid related types that are shared between Tekla Structures Model and Drawing.
Public classEdge
The Edge class represents a single global edge in a solid.
Public classCode exampleEdgeEnumerator
The EdgeEnumerator class is used to enumerate the edges of a solid.
Public classFace
The Face class represents a single face in a solid.
Public classFaceEnumerator
The FaceEnumerator class is used to enumerate the faces of a solid.
Public classLoop
The Loop class represents a single loop in a face.
Public classLoopEnumerator
The LoopEnumerator class is used to enumerate the loops of a face instance.
Public classShell
The Shell class represents a single shell in a solid.
Public classCode exampleShellEnumerator
The ShellEnumerator class is used to enumerate the shells of a solid.
Public classVertexEnumerator
The VertexEnumerator class is used to enumerate the vertexes of a loop instance.
Public interfaceISolid
The ISolid interface represents a physical object in the model or a drawing created by a part instance. The solid instance can be used to query the actual geometry of the part.
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