TeklaStructuresDatabaseTypeEnum Enumeration

The object types to be used in filter expressions.

Namespace:  Tekla.Structures
Assembly:  Tekla.Structures (in Tekla.Structures.dll) Version: 2023.0.3
public enum TeklaStructuresDatabaseTypeEnum
  Member nameValueDescription
UNKNOWN0 The unknown type.
POINT1 The point type, this is not a ModelObject.
PART2 The part type.
CONNECTION3 The connection type, used for details and seams as well.
COMPONENT4 The component type, used for macros, plug-ins and custom parts.
GRID7 The grid type.
FITTING9 The fitting type.
BOLT10 The bolt type.
PART_CUT11 The part cut type.
PLANE_CUT12 The plane cut type.
WELDING13 The welding type.
ASSEMBLY15 The assembly type.
CONSTRUCTION_LINE24 The construction line type, this is not a ModelObject.
PLANE30 The plane type, used for control planes and grid planes.
DRAWING34The drawing.
DB_CONNECTION35The connection type.
PART_ADD38 The part add type.
WELD_CUT39 The weld preparation.
CONSTRUCTION_CIRCLE42 The construction circle type, this is not a ModelObject.
CONSTRUCTION_ARC43The construction arc
DB_COMPONENT46 The component type.
REBAR47 The rebar type, used for single rebars, groups, meshes and strands.
FOREIGN_OBJECT48The foreign object.
LOAD_LOAD49 The load type.
LOAD_POINT50 The load point type.
LOAD_LINE51 The load line type.
LOAD_AREA52 The load area type.
LOAD_UNIFORM53 The load uniform type.
LOAD_GROUP54 The load group type.
LOAD_TEMPERATURELOAD72 The temperature load type.
SURFACE_TREATMENT73 The surface treatment type.
REBAR_SPLICE74 The rebar splice type.
ANALYSIS_MODEL75The analysis model.
ANALYSIS_PART76The analysis part.
ANALYSIS_NODE77The analysis node.
EDGE_CHAMFER79 The edge chamfer type.
TASK80 The task type.
TASK_DEPENDENCY81 The task dependency type.
TASK_WORKTYPE83 The task worktype type.
HIERARCHIC_DEFINITION84 The hierarchic definition type.
HIERARCHIC_OBJECT85 The hierarchic object type.
DB_POUR_BREAK89 The pour break type.
DB_POUR_OBJECT90 The pour object type.
REBARSET_ADDITION95The rebar set addition type.
REBARSET_MODIFIER96The rebar set modifier type.
SURFACE_OBJECT97The surface object type
BENT_PLATE98The bent plate type
HELIX99The helix type
DB_POUR_UNIT101 The pour unit type
CONSTRUCTION_POLYCURVE103The construction polycurve
STOREY104Building Hierarchy Storey
BUILDING_SITE105Building Hierarchy Building
BUILDING106Building Hierarchy Site
SPACE108Building Hierarchy Space
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