Seam Properties

The Seam type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAutoDirectionType
The auto direction type. Default value is AUTODIR_BASIC. Value should be AUTODIR_NA to set direction with UpVector property. Value should be AUTODIR_FROM_ATTRIBUTE_FILE to set direction with seam attribute file.
Public propertyAutoPosition
The auto position type. Defines that the seam will internally evaluate the final position more accurately. The input positions are still needed for reference.
Public propertyClass
The class of the seam.
Public propertyCode
The code of the seam. The code can be used to classify the seam. The code can be reported and shown in drawings. The maximum length of the string is 20 characters.
Public propertyIdentifier
The identifier of the object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public propertyIsUpToDate
Gets if the object does not have a modification which is not shared.
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyModificationTime
Gets latest time of the object was modified or created.
(Inherited from ModelObject.)
Public propertyName
The name of the component. The name identifies custom components or plug-ins.
(Inherited from BaseComponent.)
Public propertyNumber
The number of the component. A number greater than zero identifies system components, for custom components the number is CUSTOM_OBJECT_NUMBER, and for plug-ins the number is PLUGIN_OBJECT_NUMBER.
(Inherited from BaseComponent.)
Public propertyStatus
The read only status of the seam. The status can be reported and shown in drawings. The color of the connection symbol in the model indicates the status of the seam.
Public propertyUpVector
A vector indicating which direction is considered the up direction for the seam.
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