PolymeshPolymeshCheckerFlags Enumeration

Polymesh check flags, please refer to PolymeshHealthCheckEnum for the corresponding result values.

Namespace:  Tekla.Structures.Model
Assembly:  Tekla.Structures.Model (in Tekla.Structures.Model.dll) Version: 2023.0.3
public enum PolymeshCheckerFlags
  Member nameValueDescription
None0Perform no check
LoopVertexUnique2048To check that no two consecutive vertex index may be the same.
VerticesOnSameEdge1To check outerloop vertices on same edge, distance tolerance 0.01.
OuterloopPlanarity2To check outerloop's planarity, IN_PLANE_EPSILON 1.0e-3.
OuterloopSelfIntersection4To check if outerloop intersects itself, EPSILON 1.E-4
InnerloopPlanarity8To check innterloop's planarity, IN_PLANE_EPSILON 1.0e-3.
InnerloopSelfIntersection16To check if innerloop intersects itself, EPSILON 1.E-4.
InnerloopInsideOuterloop256To check if innerloop inside outerloop, EPSILON 1.E-4.
LoopNormalValidity32The inner loop is oriented clockwise, the opposite of the outer loop (counterclockwise).
FaceEdgeOrientation64To check face's edge orientation.
Multishellness128To check are there more than one topologically connected components in the polymesh. This checks only through vertex indexes.
MultishellnessGeometrical16384To check are there more than one geometrically connected components in the polymesh. Check with all vertex edge face position containment (includes partial edge touching cases). This check can be slow, the behavior is O(n^2).
VerticesOnSamePosition512To check if there are any vertices that are in the same location, EPSILON 0.01.
UnusedVertices1024To check if there are any unused vertices in the vertex array.
NonManifoldEdges4096Are there non-manifold edges (indirect edge vertices are found for more than 2 faces).
NullFaces8192To check if all vertices of the face are linearly dependent, or having less than 3 vertices, or smaller than allowed edges.
All511To check all criteria.
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