PointCloud Methods

The PointCloud type exposes the following members.

Public methodAttach
Attach this point cloud to model. Can select only Potree type point clouds immediately after attach. Others need to be selected manually after attach has been completed. Use AttachComplete() to find out, if attach process has completed.
Public methodAttachComplete
Checks if the point cloud attach is complete. Needed when attaching non-Potree point cloud file, which needs conversion.
Public methodDetach
Detach this point cloud from model.
Public methodStatic memberGetPointClouds
Utility function: Gets available point clouds.
Public methodGetVisibleInViews
Gets the views in which this point cloud is visible.
Public methodSelect
Select point cloud by Guid, by Name, by OriginalPath or by Url.
Public methodSetVisibility
Set point cloud visibility in given views.
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