AnalysisModelGeneralProperties Properties

The AnalysisModelGeneralProperties type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAnalysisEngineName
The name of the analysis engine.
Public propertyExtendedClashCheck
Defines whether the extended clash check is used.
Public propertyFilterName
The name of the filter.
Public propertyMemberAxisLocation
The location of the member axis.
Public propertyMemberEndReleaseMethodByConnection
Defines whether the support conditions of connections or parts are used.
Public propertyModalAnalysisModel
Defines whether the modal analysis properties are used instead of the static load combinations.
Public propertyModelCreationType
The model creation type.
Public propertyModelMerging
Defines whether the model merging is used.
Public propertyModelName
The name of the model.
Public propertyNodeDefinition
Defines how the nodes and node positions are defined.
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