SectionGeometry Enumeration

The geometry of section

Namespace: TSD.API.Remoting.Sections
Assembly: TSD.API.Remoting (in TSD.API.Remoting.dll) Version:
public enum SectionGeometry
Member nameValueDescription
Unknown0 Unknown section geometry
ISymmetric1 I symmetric
IAsymmetric2 I asymmetric
Channel3 Channel
RectangularOrSquareHollow4 Rectangular or square hollow
CircularHollow5 Circular hollow
Tee6 Tee
SingleAngleSymmetric7 Single angle symmetric
SingleAngleAsymmetric8 Single angle asymmetric
RectangularOrSquareBar9 Rectangular or square bar
DoubleAngleSymmetric10 Double angle symmetric
DoubleAngleAsymmetric11 Double angle asymmetric
IPlated12 I plated
RoundBar13 Round bar
ColdRolled14 Cold rolled
Westok15 Westok
ConcreteRectangular16 Concrete rectangular
ConcreteCircular17 Concrete circular
ConcreteLSection18 Concrete L section
ConcreteTSection19 Concrete T section
ConcreteCSection20 Concrete C section
ConcreteElbow21 Concrete elbow
ConcreteTrapezium22 Concrete trapezium
ConcreteISection23 Concrete I section
ConcreteParallelogram24 Concrete parallelogram
ConcretePolygon25 Concrete polygon
ConcreteLozenge26 Concrete lozenge
SteelJoist27 Steel joist
CompoundChannel28 Compound channel
IWithPlates29 I with plates
IPlatedWithPlates30 I plated with plates
IPlatedStar31 I plated star
DoubleI32 Double I
DoublePlated33 Double plated
DoubleAngleStar34 Double angle star
PlatedChannelF2F35 Plated channel F2F
PlatedChannelB2B36 Plated channel B2B
Box37 Box
IStar38 I star
IStarWithPlates39 I star with plates
DeltabeamDSeries40 Deltabeam D series
DeltabeamDrSeries41 Deltabeam DR series
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