IPanel Interface

Represents a solver panel

Namespace: TSD.API.Remoting.Solver
Assembly: TSD.API.Remoting (in TSD.API.Remoting.dll) Version:
public interface IPanel : IHaveIndex

The IPanel type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAssumeCracked Gets the cracked option
Public propertyIndex Gets the index
(Inherited from IHaveIndex)
Public propertyIsTemperatureLoadTarget Gets a value indicating whether the panel is a target for temperature load
Public propertyMaterial Gets the material
Public propertyOrientation Get the panel orientation (in [rad])
Public propertyPanelType Gets the panel type
Public propertySlabItemIndices Gets the list of the indices of ISlabItem
Public propertySourceSubEntityInfo Gets the structural sub-entity info this panel is related to
Public propertyStiffnessDivisor Gets the stiffness divisor
Public propertyThickness Gets the thickness (in [mm])
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