TSD.API.Remoting.UserDefinedAttributes Namespace

Public interfaceIAttributeDefinition Represents definition of user defined attribute
Public interfaceIEmbeddedFile Represents an embedded file
Public interfaceIEmbeddedFileMetaData Represents an embedded file meta data
Public interfaceIHaveUserDefinedAttributes Represents an entity with user defined attributes
Public interfaceIManageUserDefinedAttributes Represents an object that manages used defined attributes
Public interfaceIUserDefinedAttribute Represents an user defined attribute
Public interfaceIUserDefinedEmbeddedFileAttribute Represents an user defined embedded file attribute
Public interfaceIUserDefinedTextAttribute Represents an user defined text attribute
Public enumerationAttributeValueSource Represents a source of value of an user defined attribute
Public enumerationAttributeValueType Represents a type of value of an user defined attribute
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