TSD.API.Remoting.Materials Namespace

This namespace contains interfaces related to various materials.
Public structureCarbonSourceEntityInfo Identifies an ICarbonSource entity
Public interfaceICarbonInfo Contains information about a carbon source
Public interfaceICarbonSource Represents an entity containing embodied carbon
Public interfaceIColdFormed Represents a cold formed material
Public interfaceIColdRolled Represents a cold rolled material
Public interfaceIConcrete Represents a concrete material
Public interfaceIGeneralMaterial Represents a general material
Public interfaceIMaterial Holds common properties for materials
Public interfaceISteel Represents a steel material
Public interfaceISteelStrengthProperty Encapsulates the yield strength, tensile strength and thickness change point values
Public interfaceITimber Represents a timber material
Public interfaceIUserDefinedColdFormed Represents a user-defined cold formed material
Public interfaceIUserDefinedColdRolled Represents a user-defined cold rolled material
Public interfaceIUserDefinedConcrete Represents a user-defined concrete material
Public interfaceIUserDefinedGeneralMaterial Represents a user-defined general material
Public interfaceIUserDefinedMaterial Represents a user-defined material
Public interfaceIUserDefinedSteel Represents a user-defined steel material
Public interfaceIUserDefinedSteelStrengthProperty Encapsulates the user-defined yield strength, tensile strength and thickness change point values
Public interfaceIUserDefinedTimber Represents a user-defined timber material
Public enumerationConcreteDensityClass Represents class of concrete density
Public enumerationConcreteType Represents type of concrete
Public enumerationCrackedOption Represents information whether to assume cracked
Public enumerationMaterialType Represents the type of material
Public enumerationTimberFabrication The fabrication type of timber grades and sections
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