TSD.API.Remoting.Foundations Namespace

Public interfaceIIsolatedFoundation Represents an isolated foundation
Public interfaceIIsolatedFoundationData Represents additional data of isolated foundation
Public interfaceIPadBaseData Represents a pad base data
Public interfaceIPile Represents a pile
Public interfaceIPileCapData Represents a pile cap data
Public interfaceIPileType Represents a pile type
Public enumerationFoundationType Represents a foundation type
Public enumerationIsolatedFoundationGeometry Represents a geometry of an isolated foundation
Public enumerationIsolatedFoundationShape Represents a shape of an isolated foundation
Public enumerationPadBaseAutoSizeRectangularOption Represents a pad base rectangular auto-size option
Public enumerationPermanentLoadRatioOption Represents permanent load ratio option
Public enumerationPileTypeInstallationType Represents an installation type of a pile type
Public enumerationPileTypeLoadTransferType Represents a load transfer type of a pile type
Public enumerationPileTypeShape Represents a shape of a pile type
Public enumerationSupportedMemberType Represents a type of a supported member
Public enumerationThreePileCapShape Represents a three pile cap shape
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