ISubModel Interface

Represents a sub-model

Namespace: TSD.API.Remoting.Structure
Assembly: TSD.API.Remoting (in TSD.API.Remoting.dll) Version:
public interface ISubModel : ISubEntity, 
	IHaveId, IHaveIndex, IHaveName

The ISubModel type exposes the following members.

Public propertyEntityId Gets the entity id
(Inherited from ISubEntity)
Public propertyEntityIndex Gets the entity index
(Inherited from ISubEntity)
Public propertyEntityType Gets the EntityType
(Inherited from ISubEntity)
Public propertyId Gets the ID
(Inherited from IHaveId)
Public propertyIndex Gets the index
(Inherited from IHaveIndex)
Public propertyLoadEventSequenceId Gets the ID of the load event sequence applied to this sub-model
Public propertyMeshParameterOverride Gets the value indicating whether the sub-model overrides mesh parameters
Public propertyName Gets the name
(Inherited from IHaveName)
Public propertySemiRigidMeshSize Gets the semi-rigid mesh size [mm]
Public propertySemiRigidMeshType Gets the semi-rigid mesh type
Public propertySemiRigidMeshUniformity Gets the semi-rigid mesh uniformity factor
Public propertyShellMeshSize Gets the shell mesh size [mm]
Public propertyShellMeshType Gets the shell mesh type
Public propertyShellMeshUniformity Get the shell mesh uniformity factor
Public propertyType Gets the SubEntityType
(Inherited from ISubEntity)
Public propertyZCoordBottom Gets sub-model's bottom Z coordinate (in [mm])
Public propertyZCoordTop Gets sub-model's top Z coordinate (in [mm])
Public methodGetSolverModelsAsync Returns a collection of solver models for given analysis types
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