IStructuralWall Methods

The IStructuralWall type exposes the following members.

Public methodCalculateAutomaticExtensionAsync Calculates automatic extensions in this wall
Public methodGetReinforcementAsync Returns the collection of reinforcement in this wall
Public methodGetSpanAsync Returns the spans from the given indices
Public methodGetUserDefinedAttributesAsync Returns a collection of IUserDefinedAttribute instances
(Inherited from IHaveUserDefinedAttributes)
Public methodSetUserDefinedAttributeAsync Sets an user defined text attribute
(Inherited from IHaveUserDefinedAttributes)
Public methodSetUserDefinedAttributesAsync Sets user defined attributes
(Inherited from IHaveUserDefinedAttributes)
Public methodSetUserDefinedEmbeddedFileAttributeAsync Sets an user defined embedded file attribute
(Inherited from IHaveUserDefinedAttributes)
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