ISlabItem Interface

Represents a slab item

Namespace: TSD.API.Remoting.Structure
Assembly: TSD.API.Remoting (in TSD.API.Remoting.dll) Version:
public interface ISlabItem : IAreaElement, 
	IEntity, IHaveId, IHaveIndex, IHaveName, IPlanarEntity, 
	IHaveUserDefinedAttributes, ICanProvideBimData

The ISlabItem type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCheckResult Gets the general check result
Public propertyCheckResultBearingPressure Gets the check result for bearing pressure
Public propertyCheckResultDeflection Gets the check result for deflection
Public propertyCheckResultsByLayer Gets the check results for layer types
Public propertyCheckResultSlabDepth Gets the check result for slab depth
Public propertyColumnDropData Gets the column drop data if this slab item is a column drop
Public propertyConstructionPlaneInfo Gets the EntityInfo of the IConstructionPlane
(Inherited from IPlanarEntity)
Public propertyConstructionPointIndices Gets the indices of IConstructionPoints defining this element's shape
(Inherited from IAreaElement)
Public propertyElementGroupName Gets the name of the element group
(Inherited from IEntity)
Public propertyElementPlane Gets the element IPlane (respecting the element orientation)
(Inherited from IAreaElement)
Public propertyEntityType Gets the type of the entity
(Inherited from IEntity)
Public propertyId Gets the ID
(Inherited from IHaveId)
Public propertyIndex Gets the index
(Inherited from IHaveIndex)
Public propertyIsColumnDrop Gets a value indicating whether the slab item is a column drop
Public propertyIsOverhang Gets a value indicating whether this slab item is an overhang
Public propertyName Gets the name
(Inherited from IHaveName)
Public propertyRotationAngle Gets the rotation angle (in [rad])
(Inherited from IAreaElement)
Public propertySlabIndex Gets the slab index
Public propertySlabItemData Gets the ISlabItemData
Public propertySlabItemEdges Gets a collection of ISlabItemEdge instances
Public propertySlabItemOverhangData Gets the overhang data if this slab item is an overhang
Public methodGetBimDataAsync Returns the IBimData associated with this object
(Inherited from ICanProvideBimData)
Public methodGetBottomReinforcementAsync Returns the bottom slab reinforcement
Public methodGetContoursAsync Returns a sequence of IPolygonWithHoles2D representing a slab item contour of the given slab contour type
Public methodGetTopReinforcementAsync Returns the top slab reinforcement
Public methodGetUserDefinedAttributesAsync Returns a collection of IUserDefinedAttribute instances
(Inherited from IHaveUserDefinedAttributes)
Public methodSetUserDefinedAttributeAsync Sets an user defined text attribute
(Inherited from IHaveUserDefinedAttributes)
Public methodSetUserDefinedAttributesAsync Sets user defined attributes
(Inherited from IHaveUserDefinedAttributes)
Public methodSetUserDefinedEmbeddedFileAttributeAsync Sets an user defined embedded file attribute
(Inherited from IHaveUserDefinedAttributes)
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