IPileType Interface

Represents a pile type

Namespace: TSD.API.Remoting.Foundations
Assembly: TSD.API.Remoting (in TSD.API.Remoting.dll) Version:
public interface IPileType : IHaveName

The IPileType type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAdjustedMass Gets the mass from the AdjustedVolume and the density of Material (in [kg])
Public propertyAdjustedVolume Gets the volume adjusted by the VolumeAdjustmentPercentage factor (in [mm³])
Public propertyAxialCompressiveResistance Gets the axial compressive resistance (in [N])
Public propertyAxialCompressiveResistanceEcStr Gets the axial compressive resistance STR (in [N])
Public propertyAxialTensileResistance Gets the axial tensile resistance (in [N])
Public propertyAxialTensileResistanceEcStr Gets the axial tensile resistance STR (in [N])
Public propertyCompressionLimitVertical Gets the limit of vertical compression (in [N])
Public propertyCompressionStiffnessVertical Gets the vertical compression stiffness (in [N/mm])
Public propertyCrossSectionalArea Gets the cross-sectional area (in [mm²])
Public propertyDescription Gets the description of the shape and size
Public propertyDimension Gets the dimension (in [mm])
Public propertyEmbedment Gets the embedment (in [mm])
Public propertyHorizontalRestraint Gets the horizontal restraint
Public propertyHorizontalStiffness Gets the horizontal stiffness (in [N/mm])
Public propertyId Gets the id
Public propertyLateralResistance Gets the lateral resistance (in [N])
Public propertyLateralResistanceStr Gets the lateral resistance against STR (in [N])
Public propertyLength Gets the length (in [mm])
Public propertyLinearity Gets the linearity
Public propertyLoadTransferType Gets the load transfer type
Public propertyMaterial Gets the material
Public propertyMaterialType Gets the material type
Public propertyName Gets the name
(Inherited from IHaveName)
Public propertyPileTypeInstallationType Gets the installation type
Public propertyPileTypeShape Gets the shape
Public propertyReinforcementGrade Gets the grade of the reinforcement bars
Public propertyReinforcementMass Gets the reinforcement mass (in [kg])
Public propertyReinforcementVolumePercentage Gets the percentage of reinforcement in the total volume
Public propertyTensionLimitVertical Gets the limit of vertical tension (in [N])
Public propertyTensionStiffnessVertical Gets the vertical tension stiffness (in [N/mm])
Public propertyVolumeAdjustmentPercentage Gets the adjustment percentage of the volume
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