IPile Properties

The IPile type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDirection Gets the direction of the pile
Public propertyElementGroupName Gets the name of the element group
(Inherited from IEntity)
Public propertyEntityType Gets the type of the entity
(Inherited from IEntity)
Public propertyGlobalPosition Gets the global coordinates of the top point of the pile
Public propertyId Gets the ID
(Inherited from IHaveId)
Public propertyIndex Gets the index
(Inherited from IHaveIndex)
Public propertyIndexInPileCap Gets the index of the pile in a pile cap
Public propertyIsMatPile Gets a value indicating whether the pile is attached to a mat structural group
Public propertyIsPileCapPile Gets a value indicating whether the pile is attached to a pile cap structural group
Public propertyLocalPosition Gets the local coordinates of the pile
Public propertyPileType Gets the pile type of the pile
Public propertySegment Gets the segment of the pile
Public propertyStructuralGroupInfo Gets the EntityInfo of the structural group
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