IMemberSpan Interface

Represents a span of a member

Namespace: TSD.API.Remoting.Structure
Assembly: TSD.API.Remoting (in TSD.API.Remoting.dll) Version:
public interface IMemberSpan : ISubEntity, 
	IHaveId, IHaveIndex, IHaveName, ICanProvideBimData, IHaveUserDefinedAttributes

The IMemberSpan type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBuildingDirection Gets the BuildingDirection of the first span of the member
Public propertyCheckResults Gets the results of the check/design of this member span
Public propertyConcreteDensityClass Gets the ConcreteDensityClass
Public propertyConcreteType Gets the ConcreteType
Public propertyCurvedEccentricity Get the curved eccentricity (in [mm])
Public propertyCurvedOption Gets the CurvedOption
Public propertyData Gets the data of this span
Public propertyDesignSegment Gets the design segment
Public propertyElementSection Gets the IElementSection
Public propertyEndMajorTotalOffset Gets the offset at the end of the span in the major axis (in [mm])
Public propertyEndMemberNode Gets the end IMemberNode
Public propertyEndMinorTotalOffset Gets the offset at the end of the span in the minor axis (in [mm])
Public propertyEndReleases Gets the end ISpanReleases
Public propertyEntityId Gets the entity id
(Inherited from ISubEntity)
Public propertyEntityIndex Gets the entity index
(Inherited from ISubEntity)
Public propertyEntityType Gets the EntityType
(Inherited from ISubEntity)
Public propertyId Gets the ID
(Inherited from IHaveId)
Public propertyIndex Gets the index
(Inherited from IHaveIndex)
Public propertyIsSectionAwaitingDesign Gets a value indicating whether the section of this member span is waiting to be designed
Public propertyKll Gets the Kll
Public propertyLength Gets the length of the span (in [mm])
Public propertyMaterial Gets the IMaterial
Public propertyMaxFacetError Get the max facet error (in [mm])
Public propertyName Gets the name
(Inherited from IHaveName)
Public propertyRotationAngle Gets the rotation angle (in [rad])
Public propertyRotationOption Gets the RotationOption
Public propertyStartMajorTotalOffset Gets the offset at the start of the span in the major axis (in [mm])
Public propertyStartMemberNode Gets the start IMemberNode
Public propertyStartMinorTotalOffset Gets the offset at the start of the span in the minor axis (in [mm])
Public propertyStartReleases Gets the start ISpanReleases
Public propertyType Gets the SubEntityType
(Inherited from ISubEntity)
Public propertyUserLoadReductionFactorImposed Gets the user defined imposed loads reduction factor
Public methodGetBimDataAsync Returns the IBimData associated with this object
(Inherited from ICanProvideBimData)
Public methodGetEndForceAsync Returns the end force for given loading case
Public methodGetSolverElementsAsync Returns the chain of IElement1D of this member span from solver model for specific analysis type
Public methodGetSupportReactionAsync Returns support reactions for a loading case at given end
Public methodGetUserDefinedAttributesAsync Returns a collection of IUserDefinedAttribute instances
(Inherited from IHaveUserDefinedAttributes)
Public methodSetUserDefinedAttributeAsync Sets an user defined text attribute
(Inherited from IHaveUserDefinedAttributes)
Public methodSetUserDefinedAttributesAsync Sets user defined attributes
(Inherited from IHaveUserDefinedAttributes)
Public methodSetUserDefinedEmbeddedFileAttributeAsync Sets an user defined embedded file attribute
(Inherited from IHaveUserDefinedAttributes)
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