ISlabSequentialLoadingResultsGetCrackingMomentsAsync Method

Returns cracking moments for an event ID

Namespace: TSD.API.Remoting.Solver
Assembly: TSD.API.Remoting (in TSD.API.Remoting.dll) Version:
Task<IReadOnlyDictionary<int, IMoment2D>> GetCrackingMomentsAsync(
	Guid id,
	IEnumerable<int>? indices = null,
	CancellationToken cancellationToken = default


id  Guid
The ID of event to get cracking moments for
indices  IEnumerableInt32  (Optional)
The requested IElement2D indices, null to get all
cancellationToken  CancellationToken  (Optional)
The optional cancellation token

Return Value

TaskIReadOnlyDictionaryInt32, IMoment2D
A dictionary of cracking moments
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