VariablePolygonalLoadParamsCreate Method

Creates a new instance of VariablePolygonalLoadParams class for a load in a given direction

Namespace: TSD.API.Remoting.Loading.Create
Assembly: TSD.API.Remoting (in TSD.API.Remoting.dll) Version:
public static VariablePolygonalLoadParams Create(
	IConstructionPoint? referencePoint,
	IEnumerable<Point2D>? vertices,
	(int Vertex, double Load) load1,
	(int Vertex, double Load) load2,
	(int Vertex, double Load) load3,
	PlanarLoadParamsLoadDirectionGlobal? direction,
	PlanarLoadParamsApplicableMeasuring? measuring


referencePoint  IConstructionPoint
The reference IConstructionPoint
vertices  IEnumerablePoint2D
The vertices of the load, must represent non-intersecting polygon
load1  ValueTupleInt32, Double
The first load and its vertex index (in [N/mm²])
load2  ValueTupleInt32, Double
The second load and its vertex index (in [N/mm²])
load3  ValueTupleInt32, Double
The third load and its vertex index (in [N/mm²])
direction  PlanarLoadParamsLoadDirectionGlobal
The PlanarLoadParamsLoadDirectionGlobal of the load
measuring  PlanarLoadParamsApplicableMeasuring
The PlanarLoadParamsApplicableMeasuring of the load

Return Value

The newly created instance of VariablePolygonalLoadParams class
The reference point's PlaneInfo must be reference of valid IConstructionPlane
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