fsreqFilterFilters Property

The set of nested filter conditions. If specified then it will be considered to be an 'AND' condition on top of the current filter. If multiple nested filters are specified then each of the Filters elements are considered to be an 'OR' condition with respect to each other. For example, this set of filters:
Could be considered to be equivalent to the sql expression: Shape='W' AND ( (JobNumber IN ('ABC', 'DEF') AND OnOrder=0) OR PONumber='123456' ) Nested Filters elements are accepted but is currently only processed by the GetInventory, and GetPricingInformation commands.

Namespace:  FabSuiteRequestApi
Assembly:  FabSuiteRequestApi (in FabSuiteRequestApi.dll) Version: (
public List<fsreqFilters> Filters { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: ListfsreqFilters
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