fsresGetProjectStatus Properties

The fsresGetProjectStatus type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAssemblies
Assemblies in this project
Public propertyCategories
Categories in this project
Public propertyChangeOrders
Change Orders in this project
Public propertyCommandGUID (Inherited from fsresCommand.)
Public propertyCutLists
Cut Lists in this project
Public propertyDrawings
Drawings in this project
Public propertyErrorCode (Inherited from fsresCommand.)
Public propertyErrorMessage (Inherited from fsresCommand.)
Public propertyFilters
Filters applied to this command are echoed back.
Public propertyFilterSet
The given filters constructed as a FilterSet object that can be passed into other commands that require this format.
Public propertyGroupName
Group Name of Project
Public propertyGroupName2
Group Name 2 of Project
Public propertyHasProjectSchedule
True if this project has a project schedule
Public propertyHoldSettings
Hold Settings as set by user
Public propertyIncommingRFIs
Incoming RFIs in this project
Public propertyInputDisplayUnits
Display units for this project
Public propertyJobDescription
Description of Project
Public propertyJobLocation
Location of Project
Public propertyJobNumber
Job Number of project
Public propertyLots
Lots in this project
Public propertyMaterialStatus
Material Status for this project
Public propertyOutgoingRFIs
Outgoing RFIs in this project
Public propertyPRJFilterSet
The given filters converted to a project management FilterSet object that can be passed into other commands that require this format.
Public propertyProductionControlID
Production Control ID of Production Control Job linked to this project
Public propertyProductionStatus
Production Status for this project
Public propertyProjectID
Project ID of Project
Public propertySequences
Sequences in this project
Public propertyShipStatus
Shipping Status for this project
Public propertySubCategories
SubCategories in this project
Public propertySuccessful (Inherited from fsresCommand.)
Public propertyTransmittals
Transmittals in this project
Public propertyTrimbleConnect
Trimble Connect Status for this project
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