fsresGetCutList Properties

The fsresGetCutList type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCommandGUID (Inherited from fsresCommand.)
Public propertyCutListID
Unique ID of this cut list
Public propertyCutListItem
List of Items on cut list
Public propertyCutListName
Cut list Name
Public propertyCuttingDetails
number of cutting details
Public propertyDateCreated
Date cut list was created
Public propertyDateRequired
Date cut list is required
Public propertyErrorCode (Inherited from fsresCommand.)
Public propertyErrorMessage (Inherited from fsresCommand.)
Public propertyFilters
Filters applied to this command are echoed back.
Public propertyFilterSet
Filters applied to this command are echoed back.
Public propertyHasCNCData
True if cut list has CNC data
Public propertyHasNestData
True if cut list has nest data
Public propertyHoldSettings
Hold Settings as set by user
Public propertyInputDisplayUnits
Display units
Public propertyJobNumber
Job Number
Public propertyNestDataFilename
Filename of nest data
Public propertyProductionControlID
Production Control ID of job this cut list is in
Public propertySuccessful (Inherited from fsresCommand.)
Public propertyTotalCut
number of cutting details cut
Public propertyTotalInvalidated
number of cutting details invalidated
Public propertyTotalValidationRequired
number of cutting details with validation required
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