fsreqInventoryRemnant Class

A single external remnant to be saved by InventoryRemnant_Upsert command.
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Namespace:  FabSuiteRequestApi
Assembly:  FabSuiteRequestApi (in FabSuiteRequestApi.dll) Version: (
[XmlTypeAttribute(Namespace = "http://www.fabsuite.com/xml/fabsuite-xml-request-v0108.xsd")]
public class fsreqInventoryRemnant

The fsreqInventoryRemnant type exposes the following members.

Public methodfsreqInventoryRemnant
fsreqInventoryRemnant class constructor
Public propertyArea
Area of plate remnant
Public propertyBillOfLadingNumber
Bill of Lading Number of Remnant
Public propertyCategory
Category of Remnant
Public propertyCountryOfOrigin
Origin of Remnant
Public propertyCurrentPrice
Price of remnant. Default currency for shape will be used on import
Public propertyDimensions
Dimensions of Remnant
Public propertyGrade
Grade of Remnant
Public propertyHeatNumber
Heat Number of Remnant
Public propertyHeatSerialNumber
Heat Serial Number of Remnant
Public propertyIsSkeleton
Set to true if this remnant is a skeleton
Public propertyLength
Length of remnant
Public propertyLocation
Location of Remnant
Public propertyMillOfOriginFirmAddressID
Mill of origin of Remnant
Public propertyPartNumber
Part Number of Remnant
Public propertyPONumber
Purchase Order Number of Remnant
Public propertyQuantity
Quantity of remnant
Public propertyReferenceNumber
Reference Number of Remnant
Public propertyRemarks
Remarks to put on Remnant. If left blank will be auto-populated with Source Software + Remnant ID
Public propertyRemnantDefinitionText
Remnant definition to store in file.
Public propertyRemnantID
Unique Identifer of this Remnant
Public propertyRemnantImageBase64
Base64 text of nest image.
Public propertyRemnantName
String name of Remnant
Public propertyReserveToJob
Reserve this remnant to this job
Public propertySecondaryLocation
Secondary Location of Remnant
Public propertyShape
Shape of remnant
Public propertyShapeDimensions
Specifies both shape and dimensions of remnant. Either this field or Shape must be included
Public propertySubCategory
SubCategory of Remnant
Public propertySupplier
Supplier of Remnant
Public propertySurfaceArea
SurfaceArea of remnant
Public propertyThickness
Plate Thickness of remnant
Public propertyWeight
Weight of remnant
Public propertyWidth
Width of remnant
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