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See how others have worked, and succeeded, with Tekla Open API. uses Tekla Open API and Tekla Structures open the door to advanced technologies

White Lioness technologies is on a mission to make advanced technologies more accessible than ever with its platform Now the innovative startup is taking efficiency even further with the Tekla Partners Program.

Tekla Open API and Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris by Frank Gehry

Fondation Louis Vuitton: Automated production of panels

In order to keep the process for the aluminum cladding panels acceptable, the detailer POUMA developed specific software tools, which resulted in a highly automated production process.

Tekla Structures Open API and Arena Amazônia

Arena Amazônia: Efficiency gain on football stadium construction with reports and templates

Martifer Construções successfully realized Arena Amazônia, a football stadium. Martifer achieved 20% increase in productivity using Tekla Structures' Open API and customizing reports and templates. They saved time and benefited from the easiness of adapting Tekla models to the constant changes in the project

Tekla Structures Open API used by Strängbetong precast concrete building systems

AB Strängbetong: It’s more fun to work with Tekla!

The precaster Strängbetong does software development by themselves. For example, they automate many design tasks such as automatic modeling, automatic cast-unit drawings for all standard elements, and in some cases, automatic generation of buildings.

Tekla Structures Open API is used by Barton Malow to customize Tekla for their own needs

Barton Malow improves concrete construction efficiency with customization

Barton Malow, a construction services company, uses Tekla Open API to customize Tekla for their own needs. "There is a tremendous amount of customization this software allows us to do", says Matt Hedke, Barton Malow’s Resteel Fabrication Manager.

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