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WpfBoltCatalogStandard Class

The WpfBoltCatalogStandard class represents a control to select the bolt standard using the bolt catalog.

Bolt catalog controls always need to be in pairs, meaning in every dialog there has to be a WpfBoltCatalogStandard and a WpfBoltCatalogSize control.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Tekla.Structures.Dialog.UIControls
Assembly:  Tekla.Structures.Dialog (in Tekla.Structures.Dialog.dll) Version: 2019.0.0.0 (2019.0.0.0)
public class WpfBoltCatalogStandard : ComboBox

The WpfBoltCatalogStandard type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method WpfBoltCatalogStandard
Initiates a new instance of the control.
  Name Description
Public property BoltSizes
Returns bolt sizes in catalog based on selected grade
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