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Tekla.Structures.Geometry3d Namespace

The Tekla.Structures.Geometry3d namespace contains the required basic 3D geometric classes that are used by Tekla Structures. Additionally, some helper functionality to ease the usage of these classes is provided.
  Class Description
Public classCode example AABB
The AABB class represents an axis-aligned 3d bounding box.
Public classCode example CoordinateSystem
The CoordinateSystem class defines a coordinate system in space. The system is defined by an origin, an X-axis and a Y-axis. The Z-axis is the cross product of the X-axis and the Y-axis.
Public class Distance
The Distance class contains methods for calculating the distance between geometric objects.
Public classCode example FacetedBrep
The FacetedBrep class defines a faceted BREP.
Public classCode example FacetedBrepFace
The FacetedBrepFace class defines a face of a faceted BREP. A FacetedBrepFace cannot be instantiated directly. They are managed internally by a FacetedBrep.
Public classCode example FacetedBrepFaceHole
The FacetedBrepFaceHole class defines a hole on a faceted BREP face. A FacetedBrepFaceHole cannot be instantiated directly. They are managed internally by a FacetedBrepFace. You can look also at the code example for the class FacetedBrepFace to see more examples.
Public classCode example FacetedBrepWithNormals
The FacetedBRepWithNormals class defines a faceted BREP that has also vertex normal vectors.
Public class GeometricPlane
The GeometricPlane class represents a 3d geometric plane.
Public class GeometryConstants
The Constants class of Geometry3d holds certain constant values that are used internally by the other geometry classes.
Public classCode example IndirectPolymeshEdge
The IndirectEdge class represents a single global edge in a solid using integer indexes to reference to vertices instead of directly using geometric (coordinate) values.
Public class Intersection
The Intersection class contains methods for calculating intersections between geometric objects.
Public class Line
The Line class represents a single infinite line in 3D space. See LineSegment for the implementation of a segment of a line.
Public class LineSegment
The LineSegment class represents a single finite segment of a line in 3D space. See Line for the implementation of a straight line.
Public class Matrix
The Matrix class represents a 4x3 matrix.
Public classCode example MatrixFactory
The MatrixFactory class provides a convenient way to generate different kinds of transformation matrices.
Public classCode example OBB
The OBB class represents an oriented 3d bounding box.
Public class Parallel
The Parallel class contains methods for testing the parallelism of geometric objects.
Public class Point
The Point class represents a single position in 3D space.
Public class PolyLine
The PolyLine class represents a line that consists of one or more line segments. To create a polyline, you have to give a list of the points that will form the polyline. The first point in the list will be connected with the second point in the list, the second point in the list will be connected with the third point in the list, etc.
Public class Projection
The Projection class contains methods for calculating the projection of geometric objects on other geometric objects.
Public class Vector
The Vector class defines a direction and magnitude from the current origin.
  Interface Description
Public interface IBoundingVolume
The BoundingVolume interface represents any generic 3D bounding volume.
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration PolymeshEdgeTypeEnum
The type of the polymesh edge. This should always correspond 1:1 with geometry::IndirectEdge_s::EdgeType_e on the Tekla Structures Core side