Tekla Structures Partner - technical product sheet

Tekla Structures Partner is a configuration for application development

Tekla Structures Partner configuration

Tekla Structures Partner is an configuration of Tekla Structures BIM software for application development. Tekla Structures Partner includes the functionality of Tekla Structures full configuration. 


Partner output

Tekla Structures Partner configuration produces partner output:

  • Building information models saved with Tekla Structures Partner are partner models that can not be used for commercial purposes such as modeling, detailing, or fabrication.
  • Drawings display a watermark stamp inscribed with Tekla Structures Partner text.

Tekla Structures Partner license terms limit the usage: it can not be used for commercial purposes including, but not limited to, modeling, detailing, or fabrication.


Tekla Structures Partner licenses are purchased as a yearly, recurring subscription.  Trimble Identity user account acts as license key for Tekla Structures Partner configuration. 

Tekla Structures Partner uses concurrent floating licensing. The license server will regulate the number of license of Tekla Structures Partner that are allowed to run concurrently. 

Installing licenses

Tekla Structures Partner licenses are assigned and managed in the Tekla Online Admin Tool. The organization's administrator assigns and manages the licenses in the Tekla Online Admin Tool. To see who is your organization's Tekla Online administrator, check My Organization.

Organization's administrator can transfer Tekla Structures Partner licenses from one person to another, so the same license can be used by different people as the projects progress and resource needs change.  If you do not have enough free licence seats for all users who try to use Tekla Structures Partner the same time, some users attempting to join see a message that all license seats are reserved.

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From version 2018 onward

Tekla Structures Partners is available from version 2018 onward.

Your Tekla Online license is not version specific: license may used to run any available version of Tekla Structures Partner software.

Downloading and installing

Download the Tekla Structures Partner software and local environments from Tekla Downloads.  Choose "Partner 2018" from the Version drop-down list.

Once you have the files downloaded on to your machine install first the Tekla Structures Partner and then needed local Environments.

Note: you do not need to install License Server since Tekla Structures Partner uses Tekla Online licensing.

By default, the Tekla Structures Partner software is installed to a folder under C:\Program Files\TeklaStructuresPartner\<version>. When the software is installed under \Program Files, the environments are installed in \ProgramData\Tekla Structures Partner\<version>\environments. 

Running Tekla Structures and Tekla Structures Partner

If you want to install and run Tekla Structures and Tekla Structures Partner on your computer, you will need to install same version updates and service packs for both products to avoid unexpected errors. 


Before you can start using Tekla Structures Partner and develop your application, the following prerequisites need to be met:

Internet connection

You need to have an Internet connection in order to login to Tekla Structures Partner.  The workstations need to be able to contact the license server.  The internal firewall of your company (for example, Windows Firewall) must allow the communication between the server computer and the Tekla Structures computers.  

If your Internet connection is restricted, change your firewall and proxy settings. Proxy settings should allow traffic to/from following server addresses via both 80 (http) and 443 (https) ports:

For occasional offline use, Tekla Structures Partner works without an active internet connection for 7 days at a time: open a model and select the "Stay signed in" check box when signing in online.

Trimble Identity

Starting the Tekla Structures Partner software require authentication, and the authentication is done with Trimble Identity username and password. If you do not have a Trimble Identity, go to the Log in dialog box. From the Trimble Identity login page, click on Create new Trimble ID.


Tekla Structures Partner require a valid license. Tekla Structures Partner licenses are tied to users' Trimble Identities. 

Recommended hardware

The recommended hardware and operating system setup for each Tekla Structures version is listed in Tekla User Assistance.