Tekla Partners Program

Extensibility of Tekla Structures enables developers to build apps and opportunities for growth


Tekla Partners Program is designed to help our partners and customers develop complementary applications and integrations that add value to Tekla Structures.

Join the Tekla Partners Program to get Tekla Structures Partner license, access to full support, permission to sell your apps, and, for example, the possibility to reach Tekla Structures users around the world.

If you have developed a great Tekla Structures application that could be used by many, joining the Tekla Partners Program allows you to start earning money from your app. Or start new business by offering your services to Tekla users.


You will get all this:

  • Tekla Structures Partner license. Read more here.
  • Permission to develop, sell, market, and distribute applications for third parties
  • Software version updates and regional environments, service releases and learning material
  • Local Tekla Helpdesk software support by email or phone
  • Online community: Access to API forums and other Tekla forums authored and moderated by Trimble
  • Tekla User Assistance 24/7 online support and access to support articles
  • Reach Tekla customers by distributing your applications in Tekla Warehouse *
  • Access Tekla Warehouse download statistics and analytics data *
  • Support your application users and build a community in Tekla forum
  • Invitations to Tekla events such as User Days (may vary depending on country)


* Available for free

Tekla Structures Partner license


Tekla Structures Partner includes the functionality of Tekla Structures Full configuration.

There is no max part number limitation in the model. But, Tekla Structures Partner configuration produces partner output:

  • Building information models saved with Tekla Structures Partner are partner models that cannot be used for commercial purposes such as modeling, detailing or fabrication.
  • Drawings display a watermark stamp inscribed with Tekla Structures Partner text.

The licensing terms limit the usage of Tekla Structures Partner only for purposes of application development. It cannot be used for commercial purposes including, but not limited to, modeling, detailing, or fabrication.

For more information on Partner configuration and license, read Technical product sheet.

Permission to sell applications

Only members of Tekla Partners Program have the right to develop, sell, market, and distribute apps for third parties.

Software version updates

You have the most up-to-date version of Tekla Structures Partner at hand. All new versions, updates, features and improvements, regional environment installations and service releases are included.

You can always test your application or integration with the most recent version.


As a member of Tekla Partners Program you will get full access to support:

Tekla Open API support

  • API Discussion Forum is the primary support channel for Tekla Open API.
  • API Discussion Forum is monitored and authored by Trimble.
  • All Tekla Open API users are warmly encouraged to help each other.
  • Tekla Developer Center contains plenty of API tutorials, code examples and exercises authored by Trimble software engineers.

Tekla Structures support

  • For discussing use of Tekla Structures, please join Tekla Discussion Forum that is authored and moderated by Trimble.
  • You have 24/7 access to Tekla User Assistance online support and access to support articles by your local support.
  • Local Tekla Helpdesk is your personal support channel for Tekla Structures. The local helpdesks speak local language and know the local industry and standards.


Your apps can reach Tekla customers globally through Tekla Warehouse.

Tekla Warehouse shares add-ons and partners’ real 3D model items online, offering an easy, convenient and efficient way to Tekla Structures users to produce constructible high-quality models.

Tekla Warehouse provides centralized access to your application (but no ecommerce). Tekla customers use Tekla Warehouse very much.

  • You can promote your apps in Tekla Warehouse. Read some tips how to do it here.
  • You get access to Tekla Warehouse download statistics and analytics data. For example downloaded versions, which organizations are using your application, and distribution by country.


Support your application users

Support your application users and build your own community on Tekla Discussion Forum.

  • One place for your application users to seek help and ask questions.
  • Tekla Warehouse directs your users to Tekla forum.
  • No need to establish email, phone or other support channel for your users.
  • Notifications of new posts.
  • You can create polls for the users to rate your applications.