3 Tekla APIs: What are they? What you can do with them?

Explore the power of Tekla APIs!

Learn what you can do with the three Tekla APIs included in your Tekla Partners Program Suite!

Tekla Partnerships Team hopes that this short introduction encourages you to explore the power of Tekla software APIs and read further documentation.

#1 Tekla EPM Open API

Tekla EPM Open API is an application programming interface into Tekla EPM (Estimating and Production Management), the steel fabrication management software. Let’s have a look at the EPM API and what you can do with it.


Tekla APIs - Tekla EPM Open API for steel fabrication management

Update inventory stock, production or shipping status

With Tekla EPM Open API you are able to retrieve and update inventory, production, and shipping status. You could, for example, retrieve status information from the production job and show it in your application.

Integrate with 3D detailing and other software

With the help of Tekla EPM Open API you are able to integrate other software programs with Tekla EPM. It is possible to import and export various types of information, such as jobs, inventory, and shipping statuses.

Integrate with barcoding software and scanners

Identifying each piece of steel with barcode saves time and prevents data entry errors, and if labels are scanned during production it allows, for instance, automatic removal of inventory.

Therefore, integrating 3rd party barcoding software and scanners with Tekla EPM is made easy. With the help of the Tekla EPM Open API you are able to receive and track inventory, process cuts (e.g. pull inventory stock and utilize it for production parts), and track production and shipping.

With the API you can develop applications that track material from when it is received to when it is shipped to the jobsite and keep the Tekla EPM database updated in real-time.

Integrate with CNC machine software

The Tekla EPM Open API allows you to develop applications that nest production parts against available stock and purchasable lengths, save the nesting results for stock reservation and purchasing, or process cuts to update the inventory stock and production status.

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#2 Tekla Structures Open API

Tekla Structures Open API, also known as Tekla Open API, provides an interface for different kind of applications to interact with model and drawing objects in Tekla Structures. Tekla Structures is BIM software for structural design and detailing.

Tekla APIs - Tekla Structures Open API modeling and drawing

Tekla Structures Open API can be utilized with a variety of applications:

Customize Tekla Structures functionality to fit your projects

Develop additional functionality to extend and enhance Tekla Structures, or add information to Tekla Structures through the API. Your application could, for example, manage RFIs (Request for Information), create connections between parts, plan the erection and site, or calculate values for reports.

Speed up your daily activities by automating user interface actions

By recording and running user interface actions it is possible to automate routine tasks such as creating daily reports or modeling basic structures.

Increase productivity in modeling and drawing creation

With the Tekla Open API you can automate, for example, the creation of modeling and drawing objects. These creation tools are typically frequently needed in projects and can for instance insert typical AutoCAD details to drawings based on drawing information, or automate creation of dimensions for GA drawing based on model information.

Integrate Tekla Structures to other software

Tekla Structures interfaces with other solutions, digital construction tools and manufacturing machinery for efficient, error-free construction and profitable projects.

Information can be transferred between Tekla Structures model and drawing database and other software used in your workflow, such as: Analysis & Design, MIS (steel or precast concrete manufacturing), project management, architectural and industrial software.

Create intelligent 3D products and tools for building product manufacturers

With the help of Tekla Open API it is easy to create intelligent BIM products and components that adapt changes in Tekla Structures model.

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#3 Trimble Connect API/SDK

Trimble Connect is a cloud-based collaboration platform available for web, desktop, mobile and mixed reality. Trimble Connect API allows you to integrate with, embed, and extend Trimble Connect. You can read, write and update data into and out of the Trimble Connect.

Note that Trimble Connect applications are for internal use, read more here.

Tekla APIs  - Trimble Connect API for hololens

Automatize, enhance and customize Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect APIs contains the features of Trimble Connect. You can, for example, create projects and views, add todos, etc. With the Trimble Connects APIs it is easy to automatize, enhance and customize Trimble Connect.

Synchronize data from and to your project bank automatically

If you have a project bank for your data with Trimble Connect API you can automate the data transfer from the project bank to the Trimble Connect, and back. The file sharing updates automatically. You can view the project bank data - viewing is a feature that an ordinary project bank software do not offer.

Work efficiently with big BIM models even in mobile

Today, digital construction professionals face issues with BIM models. In general, models are getting more detailed, data-rich and they grow fast in file size. Uploading and viewing models can be a tedious process when model is more than 1GB.

In Trimble Connect models are transformed into TrimBIM. The TrimBIM is a format invented and implemented in Trimble for efficiently storing 3D BIM/Civil geometry and attributes. The TrimBIM technology allows users to view large models, even in mobile. With Trimble Connect API you can work efficiently with large BIM models.

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