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Tekla Partners Program

Tekla Partners Program helps partners and customers develop complementary applications and integrations that add value to Tekla software.

Join Tekla Partners Program and get Tekla Partners Program Suite, access to full support, permission to sell your Tekla Structures, Structural Designer, Tedds and EPM apps, and possibility to reach Tekla users around the world and much more.

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Latest news: Trimble launched $200 million venture fund

The fund is investing in early and growth-stage innovative companies that align with Trimble's mission of transforming work in e.g. the construction industry.

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The badge is to show you are a member of Tekla Partners Program. The official badge will add your credibility and tell your network about your membership.


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Calculate with Tedds API

You can calculate mathematical expressions and, for example, use existing library calculations with Tekla Tedds API. Learn by watching the series of 5 short videos.

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Why discovery phase matters

A guest article by Maya Kirianova answers the question, “Why is the discovery phase of a software project so vital?”

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Explore the Tekla Development Experts directory and hire the right expert.

As a developer, you can become a Tekla Partners Program member and share your contact details for Tekla users who are in need of software developers.

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