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Tekla Developer Awards 2024

Tekla Developer Awards

Solved a problem by writing great code? The Tekla BIM Awards has a special category for developers.

Join Tekla Discussion Forum

Tekla Discussion Forum

Developers make Tekla APIs for developers. Join the Tekla Discussion Forum, meet your peers and find solutions to your problems.

Policy - Tekla APIs License Agreements

Policy - Trimble Connect applications

Tekla development opens up a new world but also comes with some restrictions. Read Tekla APIs License Agreements here.

Trimble Developer

Trimble Developer Program

Discover resources to develop applications and integrations with Trimble solutions. Together, we can transform the way the world works.

Tekla Partners Program

Join Tekla Partners Program

The Tekla Partners Program empowers you to create valuable applications and integrations that enhance Tekla software. Join to access the Tekla Partners Program Suite and enjoy full support, get permission to sell your apps, and reach a global audience of Tekla users.

Learn more Join Tekla Partners Program

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Discover skilled Tekla Development Experts or join the Tekla Partners Program to connect with Tekla users seeking software developers.

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Tekla Developer News

Collect leads from the Tekla Warehouse

Tekla Warehouse

The Tekla Warehouse now has a new option, the partner download link. The link lets you share files from your company's website and collect contact information.

More efficient integrations with the Tekla PowerFab Open API

Tekla PowerFab Open API

With the Tekla PowerFab API and the SigmaNnest API, the number of manual steps was reduced from 14 to 6, saving 80% of work time.

Check Tekla Open API 2024

Tekla Open API 2024

.NET Framework 4.8 or later is now required to compile tools using Tekla Open API 2024 libraries. Check out this and other improvements in Tekla Open API 2024.

Take the free Tekla Open API certification course

Tekla Open API elearning

Take the free certification course and earn a certificate to demonstrate your Tekla Open API expertise to your clients and professional network.