Tekla Developer Center

Tekla Developer Center is the hub for all Tekla Open API information

Tekla Developer Center

  • It is your easy one-stop-hub for all Tekla Open API material
  • It contains API reference, programming guides, exercises, code examples and much more
  • It is a community, where you can post questions and share best practices
  • You can contribute to open source projects
  • You can help us improve the API by reporting bugs

With Tekla Open API you can:

  • Customize Tekla Structures functionality to fit your projects
  • Speed up your daily activities by recording and automating user interface actions
  • Increase productivity in modeling and drawing creation
  • Move from manual routines to automatic actions
  • Integrate Tekla Structures to other software
  • Create intelligent 3D products and tools for building product manufacturers

Join Tekla Development Experts directory

  • Tekla Structures users are in need of Tekla developers
  • The new directory Tekla Development Experts helps Tekla users to find developers for their projects
  • All Tekla Partners Program members are welcome to join the directory!

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Tekla Developer Awards 2019!

  • The competition starts in the fall 2019. The winner will be announced by the end of 2019.
  • Open to all Tekla developers across the globe.

Stay tuned for updates and details!

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Tekla Open API

Tekla Open API application programming interface lets 3rd party applications integrate and communicate within the Tekla Structures modeling environment.


Tekla Partners Program is designed to help our partners and customers to develop complementary applications and integrations that add value to Tekla Structures.

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Getting started

It’s easy to start to use Tekla Open API. View our documentation that contains code examples, programming guides, self-learning material and much more.

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FOR Experienced developers

Are you already a Tekla Open API guru? Explore our further possibilities of distributing your apps to Tekla Structures using Tekla Warehouse. It shares add-ons and partners’ real 3D model items online, offering an easy, convenient way to produce constructible high-quality models efficiently.

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Inspiration with examples on how Tekla Open API has been used in numerous successful projects.

Barton Mallow increased their efficiency by 15 percent by using Tekla.

  Strängbetong says it is more fun to use Tekla!

Martifer metallic constructions using Tekla Open API


POUMA BIM Factory using Tekla Open API